What We Offer

Community Real Estate Group Offers everything you need to thrive in the virtual Real Estate Industry.  We are ready to Strategically Grow with You!

  • Aggressive Compensation Plans.  No Desk fees, no Franchise fees. Community Real Estate Group Inc.  offers a brokerage fee suitable to anyone in real estate, whether you do 2 deals a year or 15. Keep more of your money to invest in yourself or to invest back into your own business.  It’s your hard earned money.
  • A great option for ALL agents.  Whether you are looking to maintain your business, grow your business or looking for a professional end of a career – EXIT program; we offer you packages that meet your needs and keep more of your hard earned money in your pocket.
  • Included is a CRM and Website.  Mobile and customizable fully equipped with useful automated features. This system will enable you to spend more time dealing with your clients and less time “managing” your business.
  • Fully virtual.  No more paper transactions, no complicated systems and re-duplicating your efforts.  Seamlessly and easily submit deals, sign trades and receive your money.  We embrace and educate on the reality of our industry moving forward.
  • Online Resources Library.  Click here
  • Full support of your brokerage including optional virtual meetings, accountability and goal setting.
  • Free Mentorship Program is available, to find out more, click here.
  • Onboarding and Resources made simple.  Whether you are just joining the business or are an established Realtor; we offer an online resource library to help make your transition and future marketing simple.
  • Access to 5 TOP Real Estate Coaching platforms. If you choose to, you can professioanlly invest into yourself with some of the best proven and legitimate real estate coaching platforms. Every agent has a different style and we are here to make sure you find what suits you best.
  • Customized EXIT programs available.  If you are looking to wind down your business but don’t want to give up your income entirely, we can help with our custom EXIT program.
  • Brokerage summer BBQ and Christmas Office Functions.  We understand between work and family that there isn’t a lot of free time; but we love to have fun so we make a commitment to these two large functions.

Would you like to know what our professionals here at Community Real Estate Group have to say about us?  Click here to read their testimonials.