Broker Mentorship

We are fortunate to have “fact based” and “in the trenches” leadership here at Community Real Estate Group Inc.


Organized Real Estate Truths, Powered by Shawn Westerik 


Our Realtors here at Community Real Estate Group all have access to an 8 week custom mentorship program “Organized Real Estate Truths” hosted by Shawn Westerik.  This program was created to allow Realtors; on their own schedule here at Community Real Estate Group Inc., to follow a simple sales roadmap based on Shawn’s average of over 40 signed trade records per year. This is NOT a coaching platform. It is a mentorship program that is a transparent, detailed and a proven road map based on documented, tried, tested and true systems over the last 25 years to catapult a Realtor into building a simple, predictable, sustainable, efficient and professional Real Estate sales career.

This program was designed to fast track and even more importantly, to give Realtors the chance to build the proper structure and foundation to make a legitimate attempt of building a nice career or streamlining and improving on an existing career inside our wonderful industry known as organized Real Estate.


“Organized Real Estate Truths” could be just the map you need.


Mentorship includes:

Recommendations on how to optimize the included CRM with mobile capabilities.

Assistance with content and recommendations for your included and mobile friendly WEBSITE.

A 2 year Custom built Business Plan.

Weekly ZOOM or PHONE calls.


Together you & Shawn will explore:

  • Sales Forecasting and Goal-setting.
  • Sales Tracking and future Milestone dates.
  • Developing a NICHE market that fits who you are and the power behind it.
  • Defining your personal and professional WHY?
  • Defining your Value Proposition and leveraging it for you.
  • The art of Negotiation and sometimes more importantly, listening.
  • Successful Conflict Resolution.
  • Leveraging current client relationships.
  • The truth about lead generation.
  • Identifying Strategic Partners that can grow with you and you with them.
  • Understanding ROI and how to build a sensible and profitable plan.
  • Working smarter in our ever-changing industry.
  • Ideal business day and week

And so much more…..


About Shawn Westerik, Broker

Shawn Westerik’s vast Real Estate experience began a quarter of a century ago. After almost twenty years as a successful salesperson at RE/MAX Centre City Realty, Shawn then focused the next four years on co-founding, co-owning and co-managing one of London’s current biggest independent Real Estate Brokerages, The Realty Firm Inc.

In early 2018, Shawn sold his shares in his previously co-owned company to focus on his true passions; assisting buyers, sellers & fellow Realtors with a focus on professionally representing the Real Estate industry as a whole.

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